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Fin Press offers support to authors seeking to publish self-help, educational and informative books. Works that inspire and transform are warmly welcomed.  A soon to be released childrens book series based on memory techniques typify our niche.

Books that educate, inform, encourage and motivate are instrumental in helping us lead progressive fulfilled lives.  Such books can transform our thinking and inspire positive change.

Fin Press also has an interest in publishing true crime stories, ranging from colourful tales of artful dodgers to biographies of notorious and infamous villains of the past and present. Many readers have a particular  interest in why these people commit sins against others, especially when the pain and suffering they cause affects so many. Yet the true story behind  crimes is often never told – partly because it’s not what the legal system or society wants us to hear. 

Understanding what influences and motivates people to commit crimes is what makes such books so important. We need to hear the individual’s real story, not simply judge them according to society’s norms.  In some cases a prison sentence may seem inadequate punishment for years of illegal gains.

However, anecdotal evidence is correct, many criminals suffer far more pyschologically as a result of their own misdeeds than they do in any jail. It’s important to bear in mind that one can never be at peace, if one’s mind is full of regret.

We hope that such stories will not only entertain and thrill readers but also educate them, help them realise that the consequences of illegal behaviour are profound not only for the protagonist but for their family, friends and loved ones. If even one of these books can stop someone from entering the devils playground and committing crimes, then society will be better off as a result.


True crime stories are as popular as ever. What makes someone cross over the line and become a criminal?  One well known Australian barrister has said openly that there’s a very fine line between criminal lawyers and criminals themselves.  He also went onto say that the passage in the Bible about who has the right to throw stones at the guilty is one of the best.  As far as he is concerned, to be human and honest means never throwing stones.

The Audacious kidd

The fascinating story of one of Australia’s most infamous gangsters, who in the 1990’s was among the most feared criminals in the country.  His accounts of his activities are extraordinary and leave little to the imagination.  The three-part trilogy documents his rise to criminal royalty which led a high profile barrister to describe him as one of the most complete criminals in Australian history.

Kids and Teen Education

Coming soon is a range of childrens educational books based on mnemonics. This series will give young learners an indispensable array of tools to help them easily recall a wide range of facts, ranging from the chemical elements in the Periodic Table to the names of every country in the world – all thanks to mnemonics.

Outreach Programs

Fin Press is interested in helping the marginalised and unfortunate in a variety of ways including events, educational workshops and camps.  We aim to run one event per month starting in January 2020.  Please monitor this page for updates, and if you are interested in participating, please email the following with your particulars 

Upcoming Events

Fin Press holds regular events ranging from book signings and barbecues to book launches and Q&A’s with popular authors.  Stay in touch by subscribing to our newsletter or by emailing your details through to

Coming soon: Book Signing at Morgans, Kirribilli

5:30pm – 6:50pm, 2,21 Broughton St, Kirribilli

Join us for a book signing of The Audacious Kidd in beautiful Kirribilli. Light refreshments and nibbles provided.

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Staff Picks

The recent release of The Fine Cotton Fiasco is our staff pick of the month. Its an entertaining read about an extraordinary event that occurred in 1984 where a fast horse named Bold Personality was substituted for the slower Fine Cotton. This story has gone down in history as one of the darkest days in the sport of Australian Horse Racing. Even though some creative license has been used, it is one of the first to name Bertie Kidd as one of the key instigators and influential members of the group that tried to carry it off. His version of events is a chapter in book two of his trilogy, The Notorious Kidd and will be released mid to late 2020.

The Fine Cotton Fiasco

Peter Hoysted & Pat Sheil

True Crime

Available at all good book stores

Upcoming Book

This extraordinary story of one of Australia's most infamous gangsters Bertie Kidd is set for launch on the 23rd October 2019.  Limited pre- release copies are available from the beginning of October. This account will challenge previous recollections and existing misconceptions regarding some of Australia's most baffling crimes, potentially rewriting history as past wrongs and transgressions are set straight by one of the last men standing from the Sydney and Melbourne gang wars that raged for over thirty years.

Volume one of this three-part trilogy begins in 1933 and follows Kidd from early childhood through to his late thirties documenting his burgeoning criminal career up to his first major jail sentence in 1971.

The narrative takes in major historical events starting not long after The Great Depression and recounting life during World War 11 and the horrific London blitz. Thereafter Kidd  The character leaves war-torn England with his brother to start a new life in Australia and is soon drawn to crime and the tough Australian underworld.


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